About Emma Osong

Dr. Emma Osong is founder of Women for Permanent Peace and Justice (WPPJ) and author of "Unraveled: A Personal Journey into Conflict, War, and Diplomacy." Emma is a passionate and dynamic speaker, an aerospace engineer, and leadership expert. Speaking engagements include appearances on Voice of America (VOA), Equinox TV, ABC, and several podcasts and international conferences. While Emma uses her speaking platform to educate people, corporations, not-for-profit organizations, and international development sectors on conflict and social justice leadership, she is also a sought after transformational speaker and leadership expert.

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A New Book From Dr. Emma

Dr. Emma's new book called the “Unraveled” where two worlds collide in this emotional journey provides a blueprint on how to promote peace and justice amid times of war.

Emma Osong's world was turned upside down when her daughter Praxie was told she would never walk again. Faced with the traumatic circumstances of her daughter's condition, Osong draws comparisons between her daughter and her war-ravaged country of origin, Cameroon.

Detailing the events in Cameroon and the struggles of its people trapped in decades of tyranny, Osong interweaves the history of a war-torn country with threads of a personal conflict..

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